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Hair Extensions; What types?

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Are you qualified?

Hair Extensions continue to be one of the fastest growing services in the Beauty Industry today. Salon Owners would love to offer this additional income making service but the costs can be to high for the Training and Certification along with the necessary tools, hair and other supplies.

Prices range from $1000-$3000.00 and that’s too much for most Stylists, Salon owners and definitely Students. Our Dual System Hair Extension Certification program is the most complete and affordable way in the Industry today.

We encourage you to investigate the prices, equipment and other courses available. Our company will work with and train over 2,000 students in the upcoming year.

We want to make Hair Extensions affordable for YOU!!

Build a Great Resume with Hair Extensions!

Stylists that are certified in Hair Extensions become more attractive to potential employers/salon owners.

When you are hired the salon can immediately offer Hair Extension services to all of their clients.

The Salon is spared the cost of Certification programs and can now buy top quality Hair and supplies.

As a new Stylist you have the income potential, skills and the time their other stylists simply do not have. When properly marketed, many students become top income producers for the Salon in a very short time!